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Clergy Leaders Development Institute

Devotional for a Spiritual Son of God

Devotional for a Spiritual Son of God

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If you are doing this devotional, you probably have a desire to internalize your “Spiritual” Kingdom of God Identity as it relates to your “Kingdom Aligned” lifestyle. I pray that this devotional helps you embrace your alignment with God for the assignment that He has Called you to carry out as an ambassador for Christ.

The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very soon and there must be a sense of urgency for you to internalize, enforce and embrace your alignment and Declaration of Faith to God.

You are Your identity -- Your “Kingdom Aligned” identity is “of God”.

This Devotion is a tool designed to help you remember the affirmations, beliefs, and commitments (ABC’s) that you declared as your “Kingdom Aligned” identity… “of God”.

To God be the Glory

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