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Clergy Leaders Development Institute

Devotional for a Divine Woman of God

Devotional for a Divine Woman of God

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If you are doing this devotional, you probably have a desire to internalize your “Divine” Kingdom of God Identity as it relates to your “Kingdom Aligned” lifestyle. I pray that this devotional helps you embrace your alignment with God for the talent that He has Chosen you to weaponize as a Warrior for God.

The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very soon and there must be a sense of urgency for you to internalize, enforce and embrace your alignment and Declaration of Faith to God.

You are Your identity -- Your “Kingdom Aligned” identity is “of God”.

This Devotion is a tool designed to help you remember the affirmations, beliefs, and commitments (ABC’s) that you declared as your “Kingdom Aligned” identity… “of God”.

To God be the Glory

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